Rope & Candy organizes private parties for couples and single girls across the globe in luxurious venues.

Our parties are typically limited to 10 couples and 10 single girls at time. We hand pick every single attendee.

Every guest is attractive, classy and elegant. Men wear suits, girls wear dresses and lingerie.

Parties start at 9 pm. Dresses and shirts come off at 10.30 pm.

In order to attend our events, please request an invitation by clicking the button below!



Welcome to Rope & Candy. Haven’t been to a sex party before? Don’t worry about: there’s a first time for everything. This article will walk you through all of it. If you have any questions left afterwards, don’t hesitate to ask!

Before the Party

Plan out your answers to introductory questions such as your name, where you are from, and your occupation. You are fee to use an alias if you feel uncomfortable using your real name. We find it’s simpler sticking to your real first name, but that’s up to you.

Couples should work out their boundaries and rules regarding playing with others. Discuss among yourselves why you are attending and how you choose to play. You can set limits to whatever level of engagement you feel comfortable with. You and your partner will be more comfortable if the rules are clarified in advance.

Some couples won’t have sex with anyone who won’t include their partner. Others prefer to have sex only while their husband or wife is present but not necessarily involved. All these arrangements are perfectly fine. New guests often take this approach because having sex in the presence of others is a liberating experience in itself.

There are also couples who come primarily to help the female partner act on her bisexual fantasies. It’s all good.

You are under no pressure to do anything, other than respecting the rules of the party. No one touches you in a way you haven’t given a clear consent to. A simple ‘no’ is all that’s needed to fend off advances from other guests and they will gracefully accept your decision.

Please read our Rules for more information about how we create a safe environment. You will find them helpful.

Once You Are In.

Rope & Candy parties are classy and private. Once you’re in, they start off as a pleasant get-together.  Guests socialize, drink and chat, meet old friends, and make new connections. Sometimes, those connections deepen and you never know where they might lead. Of course, you can leave at any time. But who passes up an opportunity to have kinky fun in a very private setting, anyway?

If you’re a first-timer, don’t press the panic button just yet. It’s always a good idea to make other members know this is your first time. Our guests are very welcoming and will help you through your first experience.

As people get familiar with each other, connections form and things can get hot and steamy. Guests can get down and dirty in our playrooms. You can ALWAYS stop the sexual act if you change your mind. It’s all about consent. Nobody can randomly have sex with you because they want to.

Dress to Impress… and Undress

Our parties are private gatherings of the classiest and warmest couples and single ladies around. After 10.30 pm, our dress code requires all ladies to stay in sexy lingerie of brands such as Bare Necessities, Pink, Agent Provocateur, Marks and Spencer, Zivame and Victoria’s Secret. Anything erotic goes. Men must present themselves in smart looking suits.

Embrace your sexuality

Ready to join the world’s sexual elite? Kick it off at our application page.

“I admit: I was intimidated at first. But when I talked to people I realized everyone is just so… nice. Open minded. Non judgmental. I have to say, the ‘no phones, no cameras’ policy made me feel really safe. The venue also felt very intimate, clean and secure. I couldn’t wish for a better experience for my first ever party. I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!!!”

“Oh wow. We never thought one night could cause such a massive change in the way we see ourselves. What a boost in energy. What an exhilarating, liberating, fantastically naughty experience! We are so looking forward to your next party!”

“When we got accepted and received our first invitation, we were really afraid of what’s going to happen next. But your location was just amazing & the guests were just stunning… Everyone was classy, charming and so open minded! Special thanks to the ‘hosts’ for doing a really good job at making us feel welcome. We can’t wait to see you again!”