Rope & Candy organizes private parties for couples and single girls across the globe in luxurious venues.

Our parties are typically limited to 10 couples and 10 single girls at time. We hand pick every single attendee.

Every guest is attractive, classy and elegant. Men wear suits, girls wear dresses and lingerie.

Parties start at 9 pm. Dresses and shirts come off at 10.30 pm.

In order to attend our events, please request an invitation by clicking the button below!



Porn has played a huge role in making society believe sex parties are immoral and people who attend them are evil. This view of sex has made its way into even our use of language. We use the same words for sex organs – such as dick, asshole, pussy-to unpleasant characteristics of a person.

If you think about it, it’s really silly to label the act of consensual sex bad just because it doesn’t agree with your opinions of “morality”.

In 2015, Huffington Post and YouGov conducted a poll on public acceptance of sex parties in the USA. The poll showed 94 out of 906 respondents admitted to attending a sex party at some point in their lives.

While 181 were open to the possibility, 118 of them accepted they would like to go to one. There is a growing change in attitude towards accepting sex parties. It’s almost a given that the numbers could were lower a decade earlier.

Here’s 9 good reasons why you should come along to one:

1. Your sexuality is nature’s gift to you. Nobody should shame you for it.

People should be able to talk about it without getting “the look”. Sex parties are fun as long as they’re not abusive and don’t violate the rights of anybody involved.

2. Life is too short for boring sex.

Your sexual fantasies get to see the light of day at the parties organized by Rope & Candy.

Our mission is to create an environment that allows couples and single women to explore their bodies and their fantasies in a safe, clean and private environment without judgment.

3. Your body, your rules!

At our events, you have full control over your body. Your presence doesn’t suggest wholesale consent to sex.

At no point whatsoever can anybody touch you without your explicit consent.

Our setting is a far cry from the orgies enacted by professional actors in porn movies.

4. Private parties, carefully selected people, a safe environment and total freedom of choice

Many people assume sex parties are drunken orgies, and perhaps a lot of others are. Rope & Candy events, however, are no such thing. Our private parties are for carefully selected people who know how to control themselves.

We are clear on drug and alcohol use. Our guests are pre-screened and well-behaved top-notch professionals who are very agreeable. So, no, you wouldn’t get caught up with the wrong crowd. Take a detailed look at our selection process.

Our parties are sex parties, not for people who “just come to watch”… Yet you’re under no pressure to have sex at a Rope & Candy party. No keeping up. Just be open and be yourself.

5. Meeting like-minded people who are sexually open-minded is a major relief for many people.

It relieves you of the tug at your conscience, that says you’re doing something against the norm.

Of course, as with any unfamiliar territory, it can be a little scary at first. As you ease yourself into the environment, it quickly becomes a fun experience.

Eventually you just get to have sex and affection with as many people as you want, without any guilt.

No one person can fulfill all your sexual desires.

6. You really don’t have to hold anything back. As long as it’s consensual, it’s good

If you dream about ways to realize your intimate fantasies, Rope & Candy events provide that environment for you.

You get to know your body more, and can become more conscious of what you find pleasurable. It also doesn’t hurt to learn new tricks.

And you may find unconventional but cool ways to boost your sex life.

Many of our guests use the knowledge they gain at our parties to spice up their relationships.

7. Make interesting new friends

There is also a social aspect to our events. Our guests catch up with each other’s lives and socialize. If you like someone, you can make arrangements for encounters outside our parties.

We’re not just a bunch of sex maniacs only looking to vent our sexual frustrations. We are normal people like you… with fertile imaginations and an open mind when it comes to sexuality!

8. An intimate atmosphere with a sensual vibe

Watching live, real sex between real people with real bodies is a major turn on for a lot of people.

Condoms are always available in all our playrooms and we urge every guests to use them for any kind of intercourse.

Our guests are clean and they respect your choices. We make sure they are suitable before we hand them an invitation.

9. We protect your privacy at all costs

We guarantee your information and pictures are safe with us. Read more about how we manage your private information.

Next time you have second thoughts about going to a sex party, know they are more common in private homes than you think. But there are always risks at. This is what sets us a cut above the rest. We strive to keep risks at a minimum.

Rope & Candy screens every single applicant before admission into any of our parties. You are in good company when you run into any of our guests.

We are happy to invite you to join our fast-growing community. Head over to our application page and let’s get this started!


Happy partying!

We are happy to have you join our fast-growing community. Head over to our application page and let’s kick it off!

Happy partying!

“I admit: I was intimidated at first. But when I talked to people I realized everyone is just so… nice. Open minded. Non judgmental. I have to say, the ‘no phones, no cameras’ policy made me feel really safe. The venue also felt very intimate, clean and secure. I couldn’t wish for a better experience for my first ever party. I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!!!”

“Oh wow. We never thought one night could cause such a massive change in the way we see ourselves. What a boost in energy. What an exhilarating, liberating, fantastically naughty experience! We are so looking forward to your next party!”

“When we got accepted and received our first invitation, we were really afraid of what’s going to happen next. But your location was just amazing & the guests were just stunning… Everyone was classy, charming and so open minded! Special thanks to the ‘hosts’ for doing a really good job at making us feel welcome. We can’t wait to see you again!”