Rope & Candy organizes private parties for couples and single girls across the globe in luxurious venues.

Our parties are typically limited to 10 couples and 10 single girls at time. We hand pick every single attendee.

Every guest is attractive, classy and elegant. Men wear suits, girls wear dresses and lingerie.

Parties start at 9 pm. Dresses and shirts come off at 10.30 pm.

In order to attend our events, please request an invitation by clicking the button below!



Welcome to your first Rope & Candy experience. Finally, you get to be who you really are without worrying about what the rest of the world thinks. Our guests are warm and attractive people who broke out of the norm and who allow themselves to live without  the limited ways of thinking society expects you to have. It’s a freeing view from where we stand.

We usually invite between 10 and 20 sexually adventurous couples and between 10 and 20 single girls to each party. Keeping the number of attendees low helps maintain the classy and intimate feel of our events. Because of the intimate nature of our parties, we handpick our guests. You must request an invitation to become our member.

You can let your friends know about Rope & Candy parties. However, to get admitted, they must have followed the application process and received their own invitation. We take this requirement seriously in order to maintain a secure and comfortable environment.

We announce our party dates well ahead of time and guests receive final venue details 24 hours before the event. The start times and length of our parties sometimes vary based on the location. The availability of drinks and food at our parties depend on the venue. We always have a champagne reception. Sometimes we offer sandwiches, and for legal reasons sometimes we ask our guests bring their own booze.

We encourage you to socialize, open up to one another and share your wildest fantasies with other participants. Intimate activity is entirely up to those involved. Women are in full control of their bodies and a simple no is all that’s needed to give the thumbs down to any unwelcome sexual advances. We expect nothing of you other than to be yourself.

Please read our first timer’s guide for more information. Are you ready to spice up your sex life? Head over to our application page and request an invitation to join us.

“I admit: I was intimidated at first. But when I talked to people I realized everyone is just so… nice. Open minded. Non judgmental. I have to say, the ‘no phones, no cameras’ policy made me feel really safe. The venue also felt very intimate, clean and secure. I couldn’t wish for a better experience for my first ever party. I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!!!”

“Oh wow. We never thought one night could cause such a massive change in the way we see ourselves. What a boost in energy. What an exhilarating, liberating, fantastically naughty experience! We are so looking forward to your next party!”

“When we got accepted and received our first invitation, we were really afraid of what’s going to happen next. But your location was just amazing & the guests were just stunning… Everyone was classy, charming and so open minded! Special thanks to the ‘hosts’ for doing a really good job at making us feel welcome. We can’t wait to see you again!”