Rope & Candy organizes private parties for couples and single girls across the globe in luxurious venues.

Our parties are typically limited to 10 couples and 10 single girls at time. We hand pick every single attendee.

Every guest is attractive, classy and elegant. Men wear suits, girls wear dresses and lingerie.

Parties start at 9 pm. Dresses and shirts come off at 10.30 pm.

In order to attend our events, please request an invitation by clicking the button below!


Rope & Candy's primary way of communicating with its guests and members is by email. Please use your best, real, valid email address that you actually check on a daily basis.

Unconfirmed email addresses will be automatically removed from our list. If we send you emails and you’re not opening them for over 60 days, your address might get purged from all of our lists.

When you request an invitation below, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you give us. You’ll need to click the confirmation email to receive future invitations to Rope & Candy events.

By giving us your details in the form below, you will subscribe to our email list where we send out news about events you can RSVP to. We will also send you links to news, articles, blog entries, or anything else related to “the lifestyle” or our organization that we think you should know about. We will not give or sell your email address or personal details to third parties, or ever send you junk mail. We use a high profile, very reputable email provider called Mailchimp to manage our user database. If you change your mind about wanting to hear about us, you’ll be able to unsubscribe from all of our communications any time.

Note: If you have concerns about your privacy and your name with regards to your email address, you can create a new gmail address, and set up an automatic forwarder. You can find a detailed description of how to do that by clicking here

“When we got accepted and received our first invitation, we were really afraid of what’s going to happen next. But your location was just amazing & the guests were just stunning… Everyone was classy, charming and so open minded! Special thanks to the ‘hosts’ for doing a really good job at making us feel welcome. We can’t wait to see you again!”

K & D

“Oh wow. We never thought one night could cause such a massive change in the way we see ourselves. What a boost in energy. What an exhilarating, liberating, fantastically naughty experience! We are so looking forward to your next party!”

M & G

“I admit: I was intimidated at first. But when I talked to people I realized everyone is just so… nice. Open minded. Non judgmental. I have to say, the ‘no phones, no cameras’ policy made me feel really safe. The venue also felt very intimate, clean and secure. I couldn’t wish for a better experience for my first ever party. I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!!!”




After confirming your email address by clicking the link we send you, we will let you know every time we organize a party in any city we operate in. If you find a party you would like to attend, you will need to RSVP to it. Each individual party’s organizer will respond to you about your RSVP directly and send you the party’s specific details, rules and actions necessary to finalize your RSVP.

All Rope & Candy parties will require sending your recent pictures that show your face and your body and a short introduction in your RSVP. YOUR PICTURES WILL BE TREATED AS HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL AND WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SHARE YOUR REAL NAME WITH US. You will receive an email confirmation from the party’s organizer with the venue details once you get in.

Since most of our parties are limited to a maximum of 10 couples and 10 single girls, our organizers usually need to make some tough choices. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t get into a party and just RSVP to the next one. Access to Rope & Candy parties will be strictly limited to approved RSVPs only.

When RSVPing, please pay attention to the following criteria:


Some Rope & Candy parties might be for couples and single girls who are younger than 40. Some will be open for RSVPs for any age. Please pay attention to the rules of the specific party when submitting your RSVP.

You must be older than 18 to apply.

How hot do I need to be to get in?

Rope & Candy parties are aimed at highly attractive couples and single girls. But don’t worry – we are not the “sexy police”. In order to learn more about our selection process, please read this article titled “How Hot Must I Be To Get Into a Rope & Candy Party”.

What does "Membership" mean?

Rope & Candy is a private international members club. When members RSVP to a party organized by Rope & Candy, they are guaranteed to receive an invitation, even when the party is full.

In order to become a member, please come to a Rope & Candy event, and ask the organizer about pricing and details. To get your membership approved, you will need an endorsement from 2 existing Rope & Candy members and an organizer as well.

Are single men allowed?

The main goal of our parties is to create a safe, relaxed, fun atmosphere without pressure for couples and for single women alike. If you’re a single man, and you’d like to participate in our parties, you have two options:

1 – Find a partner! It’s much easier than it sounds – a lot of people are excited by the idea of coming to a party like this. It’s truly an experience of a lifetime and we have also done our best to provide all the education and materials with videos and books in our Open Sexuality and Articles pages. Share the content on these pages with people you like, and see if you attract a good partner to attend our parties with!

2 – If you own a luxury property in a major city, then you have a chance to become a co-promoter or a co-host. In order to learn more about how this works, please send us an email with a short introduction, your picture and the address and pictures of your property to